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Aluminium Mannequin designed by Nigel Coates

£650.00 Including VAT

Code: 10191

These high-end fashion mannequins were designed by Nigel Coates in the 80s for Jigsaw, and are a must for any modern fashion store, but would be stunning as a decorative piece! We have versions of these chrome torsos with light fittings, as wall fittings or as standing mannequins at varying prices and we think they're wonderful statement pieces. They're quite large, and as they've been used in the fashion industry, are good in dimension for displaying clothes.
They do feature cutout sections in the collarbone, waist and hip regions aswell as large industrial screws, giving them a robotic mechanical feel. We only have a 5 of these left, so do contact us to inquire soon. We’re able to hire them out for a range of short term uses - so do feel free to contact us for rental agreements.