Portfolio - D & A Binder

Welcome to D and A Binder - having been in the business for 30 years, we are probably the biggest - and certainly the best - dealers specialising in antique, traditional and bespoke shopfittings. In our Islington store we have a wide variety of shop counters, wall cabinets, drapers and haberdashery cabinets along with antique hat, shirt, and jewellery stands, mirrors, antiques, hanging rails, etc. Most of our cabinets are made of mahogany, oak, walnut, and bronze, and are easy to make look fabulous. We can also make bespoke cabinets and bronze clothes rails comparable to their Victorian originals. When in situ, our restored and bespoke cabinets are guaranteed to give the "wow effect'. You can tell they came from Binder's. We also hire for any occasion - from pop up shops in Harrods, film and theatre sets all the way to galleries and department stores. Whether buying, hiring or selling redundant props, please visit us at our shop or website.

Our bespoke bows are known worldwide - this one is looking fabulous!

Bespoke bow cabinets are some of our favourites to build for you - and if you need a cabinet like this, speak to us today!

Our rails are looking fabulous in this dress boutique - and we can create them for you too!

This fabulous shopfitting set was made for an LA retailer - we loved how this looked in situ.

This is a set of shelving and rails we designed for a pet shop - showing great use of space.

Our bespoke haberdashery cabinets look gorgeous in situ - and this particular item was one of our favourites to create.

This was a stunning set of bespoke cabinets we built for a London gallery - they looked gorgeous and we could recreate this design for you.

This bespoke counter is one of our finest designs and it looked perfect in this department store.

Love Shack Fancy has used our gorgeous dress rails to fabulous effect here - they look great!

This is a unique set of French chemist drawers with original handles, bookcase and columns from the 1920s - a fabulous piece to hire!

We can create this gorgeous bespoke bow counter if you're in need of a larger item - we'd love to discuss this further with you.

We loved how our cabinets complemented the interiors of this shop - and we can create this cabinet set for you too!