Edwardian Mirrored Display Cabinet

Edwardian Mirrored Display Cabinet

Code: 10347


W: 57cm (22.4")H: 91cm (35.8")D: 58cm (22.8")


This 1910 cabinet can be used as a counter or as a cabinet on top of a counter. The frame is mahogany with original black lacquer - it has great patina. It has a mirrored back door, 2 adjustable shelves and a twister handle on the back. Has an original label from Radin & Co. in Shoreditch. This cabinet was purchased from a jeweller in Edinburgh. It would be gorgeous for jewellery again, but also small bags and purses in museums, shops, galleries, and more. We're able to rent out our vintage shop display cabinets as well as sell, so do feel free to contact us for this information.