Small Bracket Shelving System

Small Bracket Shelving System

Code: 10823


W: 120cm (47.2")H: 160cm (63")D: 30cm (11.8")

£1,500.00 Including VAT

These beautiful brass shelving units are inspired by French shop window displays - we have this smaller version as well as a full size version. These look great in any space - bars, restuarants, kitchens, retail, etc. We have 2 different depth of bracket, and length is totally up to the client. These can come in different colour finishes and can have wooden or glass shelves. We've sold these to a range of upmarket hotels, boutiques and eateries worldwide and you can have them at your establishment very soon - they can be posted easily. We can also hire out these shop display shelves if you need them in the short term, so please do contact us to discuss this as an option if needed.

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