Bespoke Brass Bistro Shelving Brackets

Bespoke Brass Bistro Shelving Brackets

Code: 10086


W: 100cm (39.4")H: 200cm (78.7")D: 40cm (15.7")

£1,800.00 Including VAT

These beautiful brass shelving units are inspired by French shop window displays. These look great in any space - bars, restuarants, kitchens, retail, etc. We have 3 different depth of bracket, and length is totally up to the client. These can come in different colour finishes and can have wooden or glass shelves. We've sold these to a range of upmarket hotels, boutiques and eateries worldwide and you can have them at your establishment very soon - they can be posted easily. We're also able to rent these brackets if you need them in the shorter term - so do feel free to contact us if you're interested in hiring these items.

Bracket Depths-