Antique Style Brass Dress Rail

Antique Style Brass Dress Rail

Code: 10198


W: 150cm (59.1")H: 180cm (70.9")D: 62cm (24.4")

£1,020.00 Including vat

This beautiful new design is made of the highest quality brass and can be customised to your taste with chrome or powder coated in any colour. This was inspired by a range of antique rails we have had over the last 40 years, particularly our Victorian rails that we’ve had. We have sold our bespoke brass rails to shops, homes, galleries, wedding parlours, museums and more, including some big brand names - and we're able to rent them out for pop up shops too! Want our rails in the short term or longer term? Contact us to hear more about our rental agreements - David and Josh are always happy to talk to you!