5 Reasons Antique Furniture Deserves a Place In Your Home

Monday 26th March 2018 at 18:36

A piece of antique furniture can turn a sterile, cookie-cutter environment into a unique, beautiful one; it gives an instant impression of tastefulness and style to anyone who walks into a room. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider buying antique furniture when decorating your house.

It’s handmade.

Antique furniture is typically made by hand, not in a factory, which makes every piece a unique item with individual characteristics that cannot be completely replicated. Features that would be regarded as flaws in modern furniture, like scratches or marks, can be given value in the world of antiques as they tell an item’s story and give it a “lived-in” feel.

It’s stylish.

While modern-day furniture runs the risk of looking dated within a few years of being purchased, antique furniture never goes out of style: the most stylish pieces acquire a timeless quality and, if maintained properly, can look great in any environment. This is true for both housing interiors and pub interiors: antiques are a great stylistic choice for both homes and pubs. Antiques also integreate seamlessly into modern environments without compromising the general aesthetic of a room.

Even if most of the furniture in your house is modern, an antique accent piece can add an edgy, retro element to a room’s style without ever looking out of place.                                                                                  

It lasts.

A haberdashery cabinet that has withstood 200 years of opening and closing, or a table that has held a century’s worth of family meals, is bound to be well-built and durable, as opposed to many of today’s pieces of furniture which collapse or crack a couple of years after being bought. Yes, antique furniture does require appropriate maintenance and care, but all the effort you put into it pays off: the result is a sturdy, long-lasting piece that you’ll be able to pass on to future generations for decades to come.

It’s kind to the environment.

Buying antique furniture isn’t just a style-conscious choice, it’s an environmentally friendly one too. Instead of buying a brand new item, created by machinery in an electricity-consuming, CO2-producing factory, you are choosing to buy a locally-produced item that has most likely been made by hand and has minimal impact on the environment.

It’s an investment.

While the value of mass-produced furniture typically depreciates sharply immediately after purchase, making resale harder if not futile, antique furniture retains its value well if taken care of properly. Buying antique furniture is not just a style-motivated purchase, but an investment for your future as well.